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Are you ready to build a business around your life?

Do you get stuck when it comes to autoresponders, emails, product launches and all things marketing your business online, and offline, too?

Do you wish there was one place you could go to learn what you need to do so your business is more than an expensive hobby?

Desiree Marketing is all about:

  • Marketing Strategies and Business Building for Small Business Owners
  • If you are a learn it yourself kinda gal then check out the Mama Owned Business School
  • If you need help implementing email marketing, auto-responders and preparing for your product launch, I Make Awesome Shit Happen!

If you’re a busy Mompreneur, busting your ass to make your business work AND trying to run a functioning household Desiree Marketing is for you.

If you’re a Solopreneur needing a boost in business then Desiree Marketing is for you.

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New Site and Community Are Live!

Post by Desiree Wolfe – Branding, PR & Marketing. by

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10 Ways to Boost Business Now

10 Ways to Boost Business

There are billions of small business owners out there and it’s a very noisy world when it comes to marketing. Between social media, television & radio and now phone ads and even apps, getting your name out there can feel like a huge struggle. Stop making it […]

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Big Tips for Better Email Management

2014 08 15 Email Management

“It’s almost time for my young one to wake from her nap and I still have 30 emails to process. I can’t handle this!” How many times have you said that to yourself? I feel your pain. We’re helping out with our grandkids while our daughter goes […]

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Are you struggling with your home-based business?

Are you struggling in your home-based business? Do you run out of time before you get everything done? Are the kids making you feel overwhelmed when you try to work? Learn how I’ve created systems and organized my business to be more productive and profitable!  This is […]

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3 Steps to Having it All in Life and Business

Guest Blog Image - Mindi Rosser

Multi-tasking is the devil! We think as women, and especially moms, that will get more done if we do more than one thing at a time. This was a hard lesson even for me to learn. Mindi Rosser, a fellow awesomesauce marketing strategist is here to tell […]

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Help is here! Get advice for your direct sales business

TheMindAware Season 6

Help is Here! Get Advice for Your Direct Sales Business! Do you have team members or know people in the Direct Sales Industry? I hate to say it, but I see a lot of Direct Sales Consultants making some pretty costly mistakes in the way they are […]

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Awesomesauce Spotlight – Suanne Laqueur, Author

Awesomesauce Entrepreneur - Suanne Laqueur

Welcome to a brand new feature on the site! I’m excited to bring you some of the kick ass entrepreneurs of this community. Once a month I will share the word about someone who I think is totally awesomesauce. I’m excited to announce our very first Spotlight: […]

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A Super Powerful Twitter Trick


  Twitter is such a powerful tool but I hear so many Mompreneurs saying they just don’t get or they don’t know how to get followers. I’m super excited to bring you this really easy tip that you can use with or without my suggested tool. Gain […]

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5 Tips for Increasing Productivity

2014 06 16 5 Productivity Tips (1)

As if life wasn’t full of enough pressure as a mom and a business owner, sometimes it’s a pain in the you know what just to get anything done when it comes to building your business. Some Mamapreneurs have a super easy time busting stuff out. But […]

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I’m on the air!

Women in Business Radio

Join Dr. Cheryl Cottle and ME on Women in Business Radio. Live! Today at 11:00 am EST on Monday 9th, 2014. About the Show: The show uses a Learning Circle approach to sharing and learning wherein a group of expert entrepreneurs share their knowledge and experience with less experienced […]

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